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Supporting Women in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan: 1992 - 2006

CSAM Scholarship Winners & Finalists

All of our winners are studying computer science or computer engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. They were selected by our panel of faculty and alumnae voters based on their passion, participation and motivation in the field of computing, as well as their understanding of women's issues, and ability to communicate clearly.

Scholarship applicants submit essays answering these 3 questions:

1. Why did you choose to study computers? Please mention any events, people or technologies that influenced you.

2. Tell us about one of your favorite computer-related projects. Please emphasize what you found most enjoyable and interesting about this project. Clarify your role if this was a team effort. If applicable, mention how this work builds upon other experiences you've had beyond school assignments.

3. What are your future goals in the field of computing? Discuss any challenges you foresee as a woman pursuing these goals. Which 1 or 2 area(s) in the field interest you most and why?


2006 CSAM Scholarship Award Winners & Finalists

Jingyang Xue

Jingyang Xue is a Senior from Canton, Michigan. Her interest in computer engineering sprung from her childhood affinity for math. She participated in many math competitions, developing strong logical thinking and problem solving skills. When she took her first programming class in high school, she found that elegant algorithms could help solve mathematics problems much faster than the human brain. Since the beginning she's loved thrill of designing algorithms, and the sense of accomplishment from bugging and tackling other technical challenges.

She completed her favorite project in her advanced computer architecture course where she worked as part of a team. They were given free reign, not only in the technical implementation but in deciding the development process as well. They chose a top-down process, specifying interfaces between components. Jingyang designed and developed the memory queue, execution units and the reservation station. She enjoyed the technical challenges, and learned a lot about working on a large project.

Jingyang used her technical and teamwork skills during her many internships. In addition to summer internships at Microsoft and GE, she's also completed two internships at Intel. She also attended Intel's workshop on Women in the Computer industry, to gain insight about the non-technical aspects of professional life.

She plans to pursue a career as a computer architect and logic designer. Her first step is to join Intel's rotational program to better understand the semiconductor industry. She wants to gain exposure to technical marketing, manufacturing and industrial research, and use this knowledge when making design decisions as an architect. She hopes to lead by example-developing technology to better the world, and inspire more girls and women to enter the field of computing.

The voters were impressed with her extensive work experience, and strong focus. To quote one voter, "her passion, motivation and confidence shine through."

CSAM is very pleased to present a $2000 scholarship to Jingyang Xue. Additionally, she is receiving the $250 CSAM Founders Award (for in-state students); in recognition of the fact that in 1992 CSAM was founded by a handful of in-state women. CSAM congratulates Jingyang and wishes her long-standing success in the field of computing.

2006 Finalists

  • Alexis Mackenzie

  • Joyce Wu


Previous CSAM Scholarship Winners

2005 Joanna Borders, Jill Dimond and Jennifer Maertens

2005 Finalist:

  • Erin Wakefield

2004 Mary Beth Hojnowski, Shaili Jain and Abigail Elisabeth Short

2004 Finalists:

  • Elizabeth Leddy
  • Casey Overby
  • Melissa Simoes

2003 Anne Alicia Adams, Laura Lynn McWilliams and Jeanne Marie Whalen

2003 Finalists:

  • Alina Chu
  • Elyssa Marie Cox
  • Lauren Louise Fontana
  • Tiffany Gehrke
  • Casey Lynnette Overby
  • Jingyang Xue

2002 Laura Lynn McWilliams and Jeanne Marie Whalen

2002 Finalists:

  • Tiffany Gehrke
  • Elizabeth LiLi Novak
  • Aneesha Kai Raines
  • Abigail Elisabeth Short

2001 Katherine Armstrong, Kelly Bembas and Schelsea Jones

2001 Finalists:

  • Xiaoyan Cao
  • Jennifer Lynn Caputo
  • Jessica Dow
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Laura Lynn McWilliams
  • Elizabeth Lili Novak
  • Aneesha Kai Raines

2000 Casey Hoye

1999 Cherianne Donna Milne

1998 Ann Kathryn Lockwood

1997 Marisa Ma and Michelle Thompson

1996 Rebecca Hollenbeck and Catherine Grasso

1996 Finalists:

  • Karen Knox
  • Christine Anthony
  • Ursula Harris

1996 Book Award: Sarah Ann McGee

1995 Cynthia Romer

1994 Jeanne Steffani

1993 Sara Mazer


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